happy birthday to me ^__^**


please unfollow this blog

i’ve moved to elbasidris


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please unfollow this blog

i’ve moved to elbasidris


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i decided to change blogs. i need a fresh start so i am now elbasidris

my computer is really slow and i can’t re-follow everyone rn, so if we are mutuals or if you for some divine reason actually like me, follow me there, and i’ll follow you back

so yeah that’s it :)

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nOPE clintasha

"You think you’re a bad guy, and you’re just not." / "You don’t have a very high opinion of yourself and I don’t get it.

They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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He’s a sex wizard.

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Carrie (1976) Animated Posters

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Luke Pasqualino as Sirius Black and Avan Jogia as Regulus Black

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harry potter yes
"Thought I'd find you here. And... you're not okay."

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dick x babs

dickbabs is young justice